Friday, October 15, 2010

Different Tyes of Marketing!!!

Marketing companies today use 3 main types of marketing which are:
1. Undifferentiated marketing
2. Differentiated marketing,
3. Concentrated marketing.

Undifferentiated marketing assumes everyone is the same and aims a particular product at everyone. Marketing ideas here are easy to plan, and this marketing targets everyone in the market. It has the disadvantages of being: wasteful, ignores segmentation, can lead to disappointing sales.

Differentiated marketing aims the product at specific segments in the market. The company may be trying to sell the marketing services at in such a way that exactly the same product is sold to different segments but it will change its promotional methods and the image it creates. The advantages are: separate mix can be developed for each segment, different markets can be easily identified. The Disadvantages are: Marketing solutions can be costly, message may by-pass some customers.

Concentrated marketing is when the message is aimed at just one small market.Small firms use this kind of marketing to concentrate their marketing in a particular area, it allows a specific mix to be developed.It has the disadvantages that it ignores other areas of the market, it can cause problems in future as it may make it more difficult for the company to expand